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For the LUCAD Design BFA 2014 Exhibition, I pitched the idea of holding an overnight workshop, during which the students created visual responses to "What Next?" in the form of individual posters. The question acted as the title of the show and informed my design for the identity system, which was implemented in print and digital media, including marketing material, signage, and the website.



title wall text:
The end of a roll — it's a funny situation, until you're the one facing it. Then, it becomes an anxiety-driven, stress-inducing crisis as you are forced to frantically make a decision about what to do next. You experience a brief moment of panic that feels like an eternity as the role you had comes to an end faster than you had expected. Hopeful, you clear your head and begin your search for a new role, and breathe a heavy sigh of relief once you realize that a new one is within arms-reach.

poster/projection wall text:
From 9pm on April 12 - 6am on April 13, 2014 The LUCAD Design Seniors held an overnight workshop during which we worked in a fast-paced studio environment to respond to the question "What Next?" The question is intentionally open-ended, leading to answers about a range of topics. The marked-up page on display shows the students' initial responses and dialogue regarding the future: upcoming careers, travel plans, the condition of the environment, & Beyoncé were included, among other things.
The time-lapse video shows us Designers at work, creating our visual responses in the format of 16" x 20" posters, which are also on display. Everything seen—from brainstorming, conceptual development, being semi-forcefully relocated, critique, refinement, & early-morning pizza-eating—was part of our design process, which was condensed into a short few hours, further emphasizing the amount of pressure we face as we prepare to graduate.