know no gently
old sound doog


A brief reflection on how decisions made in reaction to certain “dislikes” have impacted my career path in graphic design.

Made in accordance with a LUCAD alumni workshop, to be exhibited at the International Design Congress in South Korea as part of a U.S. design programs exhibition.

book: 16pp plus cover
5.25″ x 8.25″
prong fastener bound

poster/jacket: 11″ x 17″


It’s easy for me to talk about the things I like. I have no shortage of thoughts on how the things I enjoy represent me and help me define who I am. But don’t the things I dislike play an equally important role? After all, there’d be nothing to feel positive about if there were no negatives. While I think focusing more often on the positives is a good idea, it seems the value of reflecting on one’s own dissatisfaction goes overlooked. I’m not advocating that anyone should intentionally seek out bad vibes or harp on bad experiences, but rather pointing out that confronting and understanding dislikes—asking myself “Why do I dislike this?”—has helped me position myself in the world. Even though the concepts of positive and negative are relative, one’s personal understanding of one helps define the other.
     When something you like enters your life, you usually want it to remain. I enjoy on all of the things opposite this page on a pretty regular basis, so keeping them around isn’t so much a decision as a non-decision—it kind of happens naturally. On the other hand, some of the strongest, most active decision making I can recall was in reaction to things I was unhappy with at the time. If something is having a negative affect on me, there is a desire to either alter, avoid, or learn to accept it.